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02-27-2007, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by jagrstrakanylander View Post
"Another window into the blissful oblivion of a professional hockey player:

I walked into the Garden tonight with Ryan Hollweg and Sam Rosen, and we started talking about the 11th hour trades before the deadline. This was around 4:30, and Hollweg said he had gone home and taken a nap, so he said he didn’t know about the Islanders getting Ryan Smyth or the Red Wings snagging Todd Bertuzzi.

Then Rosen chimed in: “And you know about Dupuis, of course.”

Hollweg was stunned. “We lost Dupuis?”

“Yeah, right after the Ward trade,” I said.

Hollweg double-taked again. “We traded Ward?”

It must have been some nap. If I was really cruel, I could have told Hollweg he had been traded, too.

Of course, Hollweg is a bigger man than I am."

Haha! Priceless

he should have! id pay good money to see hollywoods face right after he told him

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