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02-28-2007, 08:45 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedrngrblue View Post
Don't want to piss anybody off, but with all the negativity that has been hanging over this team, thought I would start a more positive thread. Its pretty apparent now that Tom Renney can be called to the carpet for alot of things, lineups,in game management,etc. In that same regard, it seems he should not be called to task on why he plays certain guys anymore, at least not nearly as often.Over the past 2 seasons, I've read alot of negative posts and comments on Marcel Hossa, and why Renney continued to stick with him. Now we all know why. Its funny though, the same folks who have NO patience for Hossa, talk about trading all the veteran players for youth. I'd hate to see these boards then. Point of fact, young players make lots of mistakes early on, and we'd see lots of em.
Alot of you saw Hossa as a waste of a roster spot, a player who would never live up to his abilities, and he still may well be that in the end, none of us knows for sure. But we do know this, for this last third of the 06-07 season, we are being treated to development camp 101....the maturation of Marcel Hossa. I want to thank Tom Renney, for sticking to his guns with a player who certainly had his difficulties adjusting, but gave small glimpses none the less, of his strength on the puck and along the boards. If nothing else good happens the rest of the way, we'll all remember this season as the season Marcel Hossa became an NHL player, and the season Tom Renney proved he knows talent, regardless of what we all think we know.
Yes and no.

Hossa's talent was never an issue or ever questioned. It was his heart and how hard he worked on the ice that were. And if you don't have that, talent doesn't mean a whole lot when it comes to results. Now that he seems to be matching the two together, it's a joy to watch.

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