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02-28-2007, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Borlag View Post
I suppose you're amongst the people who think Coffey was infinitely better than Lidström also just because he was unparalled in offense from d-men...

How does THAT have to do with ANYTHING we've been discussing in this thread? How can you possibly draw that conclusion from this discussion? Do you know what a suitable assumption would be with this discussion in mind?

"I suppose you're amongst the people who think the Hasek signing this summer was a bad move. He's old and has a groin made of glass."

Now that's of course directed at you, but you get the picture.

Originally Posted by Borlag View Post
That one guy in the trading board section said it best, one day the antichrist, next day a hero just because he joined the wings.
I would appreciate it if you started reading what I write to you. He isn't expected to be a hero. He isn't expected to be a go to guy. He's expected to be a 2nd line winger, taking some pressure off the first line. No one in their right mind is proclaiming him to be the second coming of Christ. Most are saying that if Bertuzzi is playing at just 75% of his old self, Wings will have won this trade by far. And like many of us have said, if he completely stinks, the Wings have lost minimally. It's like saying that the Hasek signing is bad when he's signed for 750k this season. There is virtually no risk and high reward. Get this through your thick skull, please.

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