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02-28-2007, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Borlag View Post
While Williams was bad, Calder has also been bad in Philadelphia for the most part of the season. When Detroit had the Cleary, Lang, Williams trio, that line worked. We simply don't know if Calder meshes well with the top two lines we have. The risk in the Bertuzzi deal is similar, we simply don't know how it'll affect the team chemistry, and we simply don't know if there'll be locker room problems because of this.

So again like I said, this has the potential to be a great trade, but it has the potential to be a bust as well... How hard is that to understand?
I forgot to comment on this earlier. It's just comedy gold. You're basically saying that unless you're completely sure that the guy you're acquiring gels immediately with your lineup, all the fans should mope and whine about how big of a risk it is. By your standard every single trade is a huge risk. "OH MY GOD, WHAT IF HE DOESN'T WORK WITH PLAYER X!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!"

Regarding Williams versus Calder... Yeah, if you look at the stats this season, Calder seems pretty crappy, but if you get yourself in the know, you'll see that he's really gotten better since Christmas and it has shown in the stats as well if you need that. So yeah, Calder is an upgrade in every concievable way compared to Williams.

You're being incredibly ridiculous about all of this. It's as if you're hell bent on being as negative as possible about every single aspect of this trade deadline for Detroit.

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