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Originally Posted by ericWONT View Post
Ok it was obviously a dumb hit for Rinaldo. That's not even up for discussion.

But does 2 bad suspensions in a year for basically an enforcer really make him a bad player? He grinds like no other, almost leads the team in hits, can drop the gloves when the team needs a pick-me-up, and can even sometimes come out of the game with a point.

He's no G or Simmonds, but he's definitely not a plug. He's a 3rd line player FFS, what do you expect?
It was a dumb hit in the modern era, but the Dman has to take some responsibility. In the olden days (ca. 1910-2010) when that was a great friggin' hit, no D would leave themselves exposed to hit like that. If you had the puck and guy was coming at you full bore, you got rid of the puck with wrister and bailed or took the hit instead of following through with a full wind up that left your melon at waist height.

Rinaldo's been a great player for the Flyers this year. He had a couple really good games at 3LW with Read and Couts too. His hitting is driving people crazy, and when he can crush a guy, then beat the crap out of him like he did with Iginla, it's just a bonus.

People may not like hm, but I can assure you that every Dman we face is aware when he's on the ice, as they know they forget about him at their peril.

And if he takes a suspension once in a while, I'm OK with that too. It never hurts if the other team has it in the back of their mind, 'Mmmm, if I go get this puck, Zac might finish my season.....'

We need him back to wreak havoc on McDonagh's sore shoulder, so I hope the suspension isn't too long.

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