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02-28-2007, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Borlag View Post
You're not getting ANY of what I'm saying so it's pretty pointless to even respond, but I'l try anyway because your ranting is somewhat amusing.

Most of you guys are claiming that both Calder and Bertuzzi are AUTOMATICALLY improving the team. You're ignoring YEARS of bad behaviour both on and off the ice from Bertuzzi, writing that off as mindless hating on my side because of the Moore incident, which I already said my opinion to be that it was bad luck for everyone involved. You're ignoring the FACT that he's played a whole total of 7 games during the entire season this year, and is STILL not 100% ready to play. You're also ignoring the majority of this season going down the drain for Calder and assuming that he's instantly better in Detroit.

So while I'm saying that it has a possibility that these trades put Detroit over the top, and that there's also a high propability of yet another first roudn defeat, and in my opinion the propability for latter is greater than it is for the win. You're saying that we've already won.

And just how can you expect me to be positive when my favorite team acquires the one player I've disliked throughout his entire career? I already admitted that there's potential that he'll be great for the wings, don't ask me to like the guy.

In otherwords, it's YOU who are being ridiculous of all this.
It sounds to me that you didn't have much faith in the Wings getting far in the playoffs this year even before we got Bertuzzi. Were you hoping for Holland to acquire a player like Ryan Smyth (who you claim is more than 3 times better than Bertuzzi) to automatically turn it all around for us? No player is going to come here and automatically turn around anything. Players like Smyth would certainly have some great potential here. But so does Bertuzzi.

You seem really hung up on the idea that Bertuzzi is going to screw everything up. What's worse, a Bertuzzi not performing, or a Smyth not performing? Let me give you a hint: we would have paid a much steeper price for Smyth.

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