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02-28-2007, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
The way to stop shots over the shoulder is to come further out of the net, something I assume Lundqvist will be doing more of in the future but until then we will have to settle for merely excellent goaltending.
Lundqvist, his last season in Europe, really owned all players that went high. It were harder to score high on him then low. I am not worried at all that high shots will be a long term problem with Lundqvist.

You are 100% right that the only way to constantly stop high shoots are to stay up longer and go out further of the net.

But shooting high shots, also got its limitations. I mean, I don't see us picking the top corners on Broduer all that often, when we get into the attacking zone we got one NJD whacking at the puck, and another NJD between the puck and the goal, the shots we get off are often through a ton of legs, or while the shooter are really pressured, and very seldom even can finnish the shooting motion without getting obstructed.

I don't belive Lundqvist are as good as Brodeur or Luongo this season, not even when playing his best hockey. But his problems on high shots origns from the fact that our D have played a really irregular game. Opertunitys to shoot the puck can arise all the time against us, from all angles ect.

Lundqvist needs to get better rythem to his game, when to come out, when to stay in, when to go down, when to stay up, but inorder to do that, he must also play behind a more consistant D.

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