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02-28-2007, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Sorry but you don't cut your losses on a 20 year old who is a first year pro AND one of the youngest players in the AHL, especially when he's starting to pick up his game the second half of the season.

And you especially don't trade him for Dupuis. The guy is, at BEST, a "nice" third line player, assuming he can get back to the level he was 4 years ago and hasn't really been at since.

Bourret might only be a third line player someday, but I don't think you move him for Dupuis, I mean this is a guy who has been clumped into the whole Moore/Hall boat and those guys were not going to fetch a former first round pick who is all of 45 games into his pro career.

If Alex were 23 or 24 I could understand that, but this kid won't even be old enough to drink in the states for another 8 months.
Ok so what you're saying is you think it's a good idea to move a third line player for a guy who might be a third line player someday?

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