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02-08-2004, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by XavierX
When you have that 1 shot at the cup, you will do anything.
Or at least you should do anything. Or else you should be fired. Making an assumption here, but if it is Comrie, wouldn't be surprised. Was surprised that Philly acquired him in the first place, as he really doesn't fit in with what they are doing.

Woywitka (by way of Comrie), Seidenberg and picks for Burke, and Branko?

That is, a guy who could be your #1 goalie by playoff time, and a solid replacement on RW for Williams? For no one off of your NHL roster? For a team this close to Cup contention?

Can you say "no brainer"?????

Most fans would kill to have a GM and owner who are aggressively going for it. Instead some Philly fans criticize this because it may imperil the team "down the road"? Yikes!

If you don't want a serious Cup contending team, would you mind giving it over to a city and fans who do? :p

Adding: Not in love with Burke, but he is a clear upgrade over Hackett, and a potential alternative to Esche, should R.E. falter.

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