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Originally Posted by flyaz4life View Post
I dont think we can discount the fact that we have the most third period comebacks in our franchises history this year.. in addition to the comeback from being down to a record of 1-7...

I dont know if anyone will like this idea but how about something like:

1st pic - "first two periods" picture of a flyers with stupid expression or being beat
2nd pic: caption:"we got them right where we want them" picture of a flyer (possibly berube acting serious - this picture would be common among all avatars)
3rd pic - caption:"comeback kids" pic of flyers player celly

I have some photoshop experience so i can try to whip one of these up for tonight and mayb you guys can see what you think.

This should allow everyone to have unique ideas and wont be limited to 5-10 designs due to characters (star wars idea...etc.)

another idea would be instead of berube for the middle pic.. we show pitbull from the budweiser commercial - hahah
i'm not good at making GIF, actually this is the first GIF i ever made
what do you think?

slower version 150*150

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