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Originally Posted by Arlus View Post
1. I was thinking of their progress. Even if there's the summer break, do you think they will end up in a Play Out (like Bjorkloven this year) or they will be safe. I've seen already that they've changed the coach.

2. I'm aware of the current system but I was thinking that with the expansion in SHL, the promotion to Allsvenskan will change.

If you'll have something like Division 1 Norra will be interesting in my opinion, even if some clubs will argue that the expenses will be higher (considering the travelling distances). But this also happened when they've decided to create Division 1 Norra.
1. Sorry! It could go either way. They'll either become like Karlskrona the 2012/13 season. Newcomers who signs a lot of players, flops and ends last but saves the contract. The other way is that they'll just be a decent club whom saves the contract without playing in Kvalserien. My feeling says the first one.

2. The promotion system will be the same, for now and the future. The only changing for next season is that the four best clubs gets promoted (since they need two more), and then they'll go back to the same with two clubs again.

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