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04-08-2014, 03:48 PM
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Regarding our Playoffs GDT, I've been trying to find a fair and somewhat easy solution to sort everything out.

Here is my proposition:

We will probably have many volunteers, so I suggest we give priority to the posters who contributed the most during the regular season. A minimum of 4 or 5 GDTs made leaves us with 7 posters:

Binary Code: 4
donghabs98: 10
dkdanielkli: 6
roy munson: 7
MiG: 12
Moroccan: 9
Primrose Everdeen: 6

We might as well have some backups and expand the selection to 3 GDTs made:

WhiskeySeven and ZARTONK

With one game max per round, we should be fine.

That said, I have ONE surprise GDT guest for the 1st round. I'm not telling you more, but you should not be disappointed If anybody vetoes that idea, I will give our mystery GDT person my spot in the 1st round, so basically: Deal with it

We'll see later how things work out for our Glorieux.

Feel free to react, comment, criticize, etc

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