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02-08-2004, 09:09 AM
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A comparison of Montreal and Nashville's last draft...HF style.

7th overall (1st round) Suter is rated a 7.5 (Nashville)

10th overall (1st round) Kastistyn is rated an 8.5 (Montreal)

35th overall (2nd round) Glazachev is rated a 6 (Nashville)

37 overall (2nd round) Klein is rated a 6 (Nashville)

40th overall (2nd round) Urqhart is rated a 7 (Montreal)

49th overall (2nd round) Weber is not rated (Nashville)

61st overall (2nd round) Lapierre is rated a 6 (Montreal)

76 overall (3rd round) Stehlik is rated a 5.5 (Nashville)

79th overall, O'Byrnes is rated a 6 (Montreal)

89th overall, Brown is rated a 5 (Nashville)

92nd overall, Sulzer is not rated (Nashville)

98th overall, Shafigulin is rated a 5 (Nashville)

113th overall, Locke is rated a 5.5 (Montreal)

117 overall, Lassila is rated a 6 (Nashville)

133 overall, Sidikov is not rated (Nashville)

210 overall, Mukhachev is not rated (Nashville)

213th overall, Hanuljak is not rated (Nashville)

217th overall, Korpikari is rated a 6 (Montreal)

268th overall, Darzins is not rated (Nashville)

271st overall, Halak is rated a 6. (Montreal)

In the 2003 draft, Montreal averaged a draft position of 138th. Their average rating was 5.63. Nashville's average draft position was 95th overall. Their average rating was 3.15. That's all you need to know right there.

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