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Originally Posted by mattkaminski15 View Post
Alright, so here's where we're at so far. I tried out for an Illinois selects AAA hockey team, But because of a personal matter I couldn't attend the last 2 tryout days, which caused me to lose eligibility for their team. However, the coach informed me that if I had attended the last two days, I would have made the team. Now, this is only spring and all hockey players know sorting isn't as important as fall, But it was still a tryout based team so this was a huge boost for me. My dad said if I were to make a AAA team he would be willing to make necessary adjustments to posting for it, as hard as it would be. And my current coach told me the same thing that you told me, he said the na3hl isn't worth the time for someone my age, It's main purpose is to give kids too old for midgets a place to play. He said he advises against that option. The only worry I have is that I don't have 'dangles' as everyone calls them, I'm just not that type of player. If I were to attend AAA tryouts, would I get overlooked because I prefer using the good old, rush to the outside and beat them with speed, tactic for one on one's? Or should I work over the summer, as hard as it will be for me, to try to get the ability to have fast hands? What are my chances of making the team if I play the type of conservative play I do(more defensive minded, not a sniper, I prefer passing and setting up plays, dump and chase over trying to go 1on1)? Thank you in advance.
Dangles are not the key element of making a team. See the Cedar Rapids Roughriders of the USHL. Mark Carlson has made a living as a coach with players who play with speed up the wing and win the transition game.

Work ethic, back checking, not taking penalties and team play are what has made Cedar Rapids a successful organization. In the 9 years I have been watching the Riders, I cannot think of 1 player that made the team because of his hands or dangles. I say try out for AAA, if you have what it takes to move on, scouts will recognize that.

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