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04-10-2014, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Buggie View Post
game is friday night not tonight...patmac...where you at the game????if so you would of saw Ehlers dives(believe he is trying out for the next summer Olympics for the Swiss diving duck and get hit in the head its not a checking to the head...actually should be called unsportsman like conduct.... to other fans Lovell was suspended for a head shot on Sheppard plain to see on televised game....vuic was suspended for throwing punches at player already downed in fight....with 4 mins left to go last night number 2 on gatineau was tripped at center ice by ciampini-no call...seconds later drouin should have been called on boarding for hitting #8 in back going back for puck...and if you noticed the delay of game call for the 5 on 3 the linesman actually called the puck going out after hitting glass and after a conference with other officials it was called a was quite shocked listening to all the moose fans complaining oh poor us getting screwed by the refs in quebec on Eastlink....btw the ice surface folks is 200 x 85 thats rights folks same size as the metro centre
1) I didn't exclude the Moose from that. Ehler's dive happened moments before I posted that.

2) Vuic's suspension got overturned because he wasn't throwing punches at Sheppard but trying to get him to let go of his jersey and kept getting pulled down. There's a reason why his jersey was torn when he got kicked out.

3) There were missed calls both ways. The refs put their whistles away for most of the game. I don't see anyone complaining about the reffing. Hell, we got more powerplay opportunities but converted on the chances.

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