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03-01-2007, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by bilros View Post
Namecalling? When?

That opinion is based on the fact that I have a view on Forsberg, that most people do not?

Disagree, and you´re trolling? Why even have a forum if you arent allowed to vent your opinions?

If I'm not mistaken, you referred to Forsberg as Floppa and even went so far as to emphasize the added L.

And posing a different viewpoint is not trolling. However, doing so without providing any support for the opinion can easily be considered trolling. You've made a lot of very strong statements about Forsberg and the trade in this thread without so much as a follow up sentence explaining your rationale. That's what is trouble because it gives very little for your opponents to argue about but you. They can't fight your logic because they don't know it. I feel like I'm doubling up my previous post here, but do you understand where we are coming from?

The best way to argue with fans of another team is to present your differing argument and then back it up with your support. Consider it like you would a HS essay. State the thesis and then build a body that supports it. Because then you put intelligent fans in a position to argue your logic and not just you. And that's where effective and meaningful discussion occurs. And if you'll notice, not a lot of that has occurred in your presence.

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