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04-11-2014, 12:51 PM
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I'm 27, been a huge hockey fan my whole life but living in VA it was hard to find ice, leagues, quality hockey shops. Recently moved to New York where hockey is way more accessible. So I'm starting up! Played a lot of street hockey growing up so I've already found that much of the skating technique is transferrable. Just got my first stick, gloves, and helmet this week and am taking them out on the ice tomorrow. Hope to work my way into some pick-up games soon and eventually get my beer league on.

Any brilliant words of wisdom as I fire up what I hope to be a life-long hobby?

How did you determine what position you ended up playing? Just tinker around at each spot and see what felt most comfortable? I'm not a big guy. 5'8", 165, pretty strong and athletic. Thinking D is not really a solid option for me, but I could be wrong?

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