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04-11-2014, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Pacifist Goon View Post
Bauer 5100 helmet w/ Itech half shield.
Bauer Vapor X30 shoulder, planning to upgrade shortly to the Nexus 600
Bauer Nexus 1000 elbow
Cooper Super Pro gloves, planning on replacing when I learn new uniform colours.
Bauer Nexus 600 pants
Bauer Nexus 600 shin, thinking about upgrading to the 1000 though because the elbows are so good.
Bauer Supreme 3000 skates, new this year, 2nd hand, but as new. Prob only worn a couple of times previously.
Titan TPM 3020 sticks

Have had to shell out a bit lately to replace a bunch of old Cooper stuff I hadn't used in a long, long time. Looked okay, but the plastic was brittle and just fell to bits when I dusted it off.

So much Bauer now I might have to change my name to Jack.
Have replaced the old half shield with a HDO straight cut visor and just picked up some Vapor X30 gloves to make do mucking around while my Nexus 800's are on order.

Best thing about the new visor is that if it fogs up a little on the bench, it de-mists in seconds once you start skating. helmet and visor I just keep/carry in a pillow case and plastic bag which seems to protect it pretty well against any scratches in the gear bag.

Am playing with a pair of old Wynwell gloves which have lasted pretty well. They're a little dirty now but have been surprisingly durable. Palms still all intact.

'New' sticks too, old stock Mako M5's, 100 flex.

I'm sure scuba diving would be cheaper.

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