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Last year's constitution:

Originally Posted by 1967
The Ottawa-Nashville Coalition

Welcome to one of two official homes of the Sena-Preds. Please feel free to post here as well as the chapter on the Ottawa board:

Who are we?

Quite simply, we are the fans of the Ottawa Senators and the Nashville Predators who have agreed to unite under the banners of our two great franchises.

Why unite?

There are several reasons why we chose to form this coalition:

1. As we are all fans of the two teams that nobody is giving any hope due to the loss of our starting goalies, we figured there was no better place to look for support than to each other. We unite under the collective confidence we have for Chris Mason and Ray Emery.

2. We unite to promote comraderie between two of the greatest fanbases in the league. In a sport filled with so much competition, we unite in hopes of creating one of the first wide-spread alliances in the history of sports fanbases.

3. We consider the coalition to be of reciprocal benefit. In joining, we double the fan bases of two teams that receive little recognition when compared to their more historic division rivals. In doing so, we raise more awareness for our team and therefore create more support for them in the hockey world.

What's with the name?

Our official name is the Ottawa-Nashville Coalition. However, you'll see several neologisms that title our union. Sena-Preds, Prenators, Masonry (named after Emery and Mason) are all names you'll see. Most commonly, you'll see us simply call it 'the Coalition'.

What do I have to do?

Joining the coalition comes with a few commitments. Obviously, you'd have to be a Senators or Predators fan to begin with. To join, simply state your allegiance to the coalition in both official Coalition threads.

1. You must support both teams like they are your own. As they are in different conferences, there will very seldomly be a conflict of interest within the coalition.

2. You must mingle with fans of both teams. Remember, we are trying to promote comraderie between to two fanbases and the coalition's strength lies in the relationship between the two fanbases.

3. You MUST hate the Maple Leafs and the Red Wings. Or... at least try to.

What happens in the event of an Ottawa-Nashville Cup Final?

This would be Nirvana for us! In the likely event of a Sens-Preds Cup Final, we will shake hands, wish each other luck, and part ways for two weeks. No outcome would be a disappointment.


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