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03-01-2007, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by The Pens Are Back View Post
inferno, this is the NHL.... the league with the worst officiating in all of sports. calls will go against you 1 game and calls will go for you in another.

i've followed the league way too long to be driven crazy by that... thats how the league is. the sooner its accepted the less rants you'll see on here
agreed that the reffing is...inconsistent from ref to ref. But the problem is certain refs just flat out suck. I know plenty of Toronto Maple Leaf fans have legitimate gripes about this as well, with some refs exhibiting blatant favoritism or bias against certain teams. Spada happens to be one of the worse refs as far as his bias against european players and love of canadian players. its a fact as far as im concerned and the posterboy of canadian favortism is Sid the Kid, and the posterboy of european hatred is Jagr.

If this was Kerry Fraser, I wouldnt be having this argument. Hes the best ref in the league imho, and if he called a bad game, i wouldnt be shouting because i know he just had a bad game. but this guy is a *******, and just about every ranger fan out there knows the second you hear his name, you know the rangers will get screwed royally.

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