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03-01-2007, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by NJDevil79 View Post
If Dolan had a ounce of pride or self respect he'd sell both the Rangers and Knicks to someone or some company that actually cares about winning. Dolan is a first class horses ass. All he cares about is the almighty dollar. As long as puts the greenbacks in his pocket he could care less what the Knicks or Rangers do.
I was at a club on Long Island a few years ago having some drinks with friends after work. A band comes out and starts to play during happy hour.
I look up and see this guy playing guitar and singing. From where I was standing it was hard to see so but I said to my friends that the looks like Jim Dolan. I walk up to get a closer look and yep, its jimmy boy looking like he had one too many, red-faced and singing in a band. Suprisingly not many people knew that he was the owner of the Rangers. I just a soon tried to keep it that way.

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