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04-12-2014, 10:59 PM
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So... I made a massive post and the forum ate it. I'm rather depressed about that.

To sum it up, I was doing a comparison of using various different scoring systems based on the same voting results (with the objective of separating the values of the votes a little more, and to eliminate outliers such as phantom 7th place votes for Hasek, etc).

The ultimate result, at least in regards to the Hasek vs Roy debate, is that while Hasek won slightly (and I mean very slightly; by less than 1% in some of the systems) in most, I ultimately consider their results a tie.

One bit of math I wish to preserve was an absurd look at the original scoring system, and my reason for disliking it.

24 voter sample size

Player A: 15 first place votes, 1 third place vote, 8 seventh place votes. = 118 votes
Player B: 19 2nd place votes, 5 7th place votes = 119 votes
Player C: 30 3rd place votes = 120 pts

The ultimate result? A player that receives no first or second place votes takes 1st place. Another player that receives 19/24 2nd place votes ranks behind one that took no 1st OR 2nd place votes. A player 62.5% of voters thinks is worthy of 1st place ranks behind two players that received no votes for 1st place.

While indeed absurd, it does point out possible flaws in the scoring system. I suppose I'll have to join in next time (I really should post here more often)...

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