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04-13-2014, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by aufheben View Post
Showing trends isn't a compromise, it's unbiased facts. Picking and choosing is subjective.
Absolutely but we need to be honest about something. As someone that has posted here for over 10 years I KNOW that some posters will destort arguments with convoluted stats. We both see that, I'm sure.

I think some longtime posters play a very shrewd game of "I'll be happy to eat crow". These posters set the bar high, will tell you if the team doesn't win a cup the year is failure, and say "I'll be happy to eat crow". How bold of them! What great fans they are! They will base every argument on this Cup or bust mentality and when the team doesn't win a cup will proclaim the year a failure, will say Sather missed an opportunity to rebuild and base that on their own posts. These posters don't go out on a limb, they don't add anything to debate. They are just waiting for the team to fail so they can gladhand the other "I'll be happy to eat crow" posters and say "look we knew it all along" and use convulted stats and logic to prove a point. It's a never ending circle on this board but at least a lot of other posters see it.

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