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04-13-2014, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Sideline View Post
Tossing out a life long fan that has difficulty speaking and moving is a joke. I don't care what his signs said. Take the offending signs and leave the man be. Cy is not some drunken frat boy; he's an elderly man with failing health.

I'm not buying anything Penguins related until I hear the team apologize for the way they handled this.
To take it a step further, I would like to hear the organization make an official comment on this, but I doubt it's really a big enough issue to warrant one. At the end of the day it was probably security that made the decision to toss him, I doubt the order came down from Mario or Burkle. Employees make mistakes in judgement. I know, I spend enough time apologizing for the ones my guys make.

Maybe Cy didn't want to give up the signs, maybe security over-reacted, either way it sounds like Cy crossed the line with his signs this time, which I know he has been told not to do and has some culpability in this as well.

It seemed on the surface there had to be more to the story then just the word Regis on a fathead. Thanks to ColePens for pointing it out.

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