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04-13-2014, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Ally22 View Post
Doesn't Cy have a good relationship with the Pens organization? I swear I saw a video where he was invited to practice and met the team. I don't see why they wouldn't just ask for and remove the offending signs instead of just kicking him out altogether. It seems kind of cruel what they did to him.
I was above watching the entire thing and here is just what happened from my perspective:

- Cy and 3 others walked down to their seats. Took him a lot of time and help to get down the stairs due to his health. He could not speak.

- He unloaded his garbage bag w/ the big fat heads and stickers such as "idiot" and sexual innuendos were attached to some of the fat heads.

- The bald security guy came down and asked Cy's friend, younger/tall/bald, that the Pierre head and words have to be removed. I watched them take the fat head from them last time we were televised because I was in the same seats.

- The security guard and Cy's friend walked up with the sign to the Capt Morgan Club.

- Security comes back down and removes all 4 members and takes the signs with them. 3 of which were just older folks who looked like they couldn't harm a dog.

- Cy really struggled walking up... it lasted all the way through the national anthem (before and after). A lot of people were concerned for his health and he actually ended up being carried up the stairs w/ his arm wrapped around someone.

- I was focusing intently on this and there did not seem to be any foul language said back and forth. Security was talking in their little walkie/talkies and Cy kept shaking his head and looked really defeated that he was being kicked out. I was hoping they would come back throughout the game but never did.

The signs from what I saw had sexual innuendo and some name calling that would not be apropos for a family event. But.. I mean that's life. It's no different from the Philly jerseys I see about Pens players.

Please note - I was about 8 rows up and was watching it happen from the beginning. That is just my take on what happened.

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