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03-02-2007, 10:53 AM
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I attribute most of the dropoff to the shoulder. I know everyone likes to point to Jagr's mentality, and I admit that part of his problems are definitely in his head, but I think it can all be traced back to the shoulder.

We've heard him say time and again this season that he wasn't able to rehab it fully in the offseason, and as a result he doesn't feel like himself. I think that his lack of strength in it has affected his play and his attitude. He obviously is a guy who needs to be fully confident in order to play up to his potential (who doesn't?) and I think that the shoulder has hampered that confidence.

So while these are somewhat arbitrary figures, I'd say Jagr's problems are 70% physical and 30% mental, though the mental side is greatly affected by the physical side. Granted, in a perfect world this wouldn't be the case, but we all know that Jagr is not a perfect superstar. Some of the fans' problems come when they expect him to be bulletproof, and when he shows weakness then they come down hard on him.

My advice is to accept his shortcomings and be grateful that even when he's not 100% physically or mentally, he is still among the best players in the game.

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