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03-02-2007, 03:04 PM
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Dellapina's dribble on WFAN from 2/27

I'm sorry if this was posted already but if it wasn't then take a listen. I was a little annoyed with the way he said a few things. First off, it's bad enough he's talking to two guys who don't know anything about hockey with the exception of Brodeur and Lou Lam- I don't need Mad dog's opinion of this team when he's probably done nothing more then looked at a few box scores here an there.

Anyway, this is how I see it. I don't need to hear a beat writer go off the handle like he's a professional hockey scout. Last year the guy was praising the Rangers, praising Sather, and praising the fact that there were players of the future. A year later a couple players aren't doing as well in the minors and now there aren't any top prospects in the organization and it's all Sather's fault and we're in for additional seasons of pain? give me a break. I usually like what Dellapina has to say and agree with him more times then not but who the hell is he to judge kids in their early 20's who have never had a chance to play at the NHL level or at a consistent pace? I've said it once and I'll say it again. Let me see Callahan, Dawes, Immonen, Dubinsky, Staal and Baranka play in top spots with legit ice time for a full season and fail before you talk about how this team is doomed for the future..

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