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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Look, here's the deal. Let's put all cards on the table.

There's a reason why I think Lundqvist is a really interesting player. He's one of the very few goaltenders who has ever taken the step from another league directly into NHL level. He never took the step through AHL first, which probably each and every goaltender has done except a very, very few (among European goaltenders, it's almost unique). Granted, Rangers goalie situation was weak when Lundqvist arrived, but he quickly adapted to the smaller rink (which is harder for a goalie than a normal player).

His rookie season with a Vezina nomination and breaking several Rangers goalie records also confirmed Lundqvist truly deserved the spot to be a no.1 goaltender in a NHL franchise. He probably would have been rookie of the year as well in a season with a normal spread of skillful rookies. And he had to fight for it to remove Weekes from the no.1 spot for months, which was why many fans felt anger upon Weekes for playing instead of the clearly more skilled rookie backup, when they should have been angry on the coach instead. Renney wanted to nurse Lundqvist and give him time to adapt, but clearly Henke was already ready (nursing young players too long seems to be an ongoing theme in this organisation, although I can understand the philosophy, which is a more secure one).

I don't know exactly what you don't see in Lundqvist what many others do see. You regard him as a mediocre goaltender at best it seems, while I for example have great hopes for him. Look, he didn't play for my favourite team back in Sweden, I didn't even like him, but his play on the ice finally made me like him.

He has a good head, great mentality, good positioning skills and great lateral movement, which probably is his strongest trait. He has less weaknesses than many other goaltenders I've seen in this league.

Can you please explain to me what makes you so sure Lundqvist will never be an elite goaltender? Heck, he has had an excellent rookie season behind a mediocre defense and at least a very good second season behind an sometimes absolutely dreadful defense, his so called "sophomore season." He dominated everybody back in Sweden, even when the league was packed with NHL players and stars.

I don't claim Lundqvist will be an elite goaltender for sure, I'm just sure he has the potential to be one.

Each and every player on this team has the right to have a bad game once and then. But when we're talking about Lundqvist, he doesn't even seem to be granted to even have one bad goal. And no, ask any person with knowledge about goaltending what they think about the 2 shorthanded goals against Blue Jackets and if you can blame Lundqvist for not saving them. They weren't soft goals and that's a fact. This board has gone absolutely bananas after one pesky bad goal, when the focus at this time should be about the catastrophic 4 SH goals against in 2 games. That's a totally unacceptable team collapse in all aspects. Certain individuals are more guilty than others and it should certainly be corrected. But that's all Lundqvist's fault, right?

Good post, first off, I was happy that he played well last year but we have seen a lot of goaltenders have one good year and then fall into the abyss, thats why I thought this year was very important for Lundqvist and I can honestly say that I have been dissapointed in him, his stats are not horrible, especially for a 24 year old but there is something about him that makes me uneasy, at least when the 3rd period enters. He is like Stephon Marbury (or at least how Stephon used to be before this year), who could dominate a game for 3 quarters but you just knew that he would "choke" (for the lack of a better word) in the 4th.
Before the 3rd period started last night I said, Lundqvist has been solid but now we are in the 3rd and I am sure he will do something to make me mad at him again, and right on que he makes one of the biggest blunders I have seen. The importance of the game had my emotions run high and after calming down a bit I am not as furious with him as I was last night. But the problem remains, that I simply dont trust him in the 3rd, when we faced the Devils we where tied going into the 3rd twice, and each time I tought please let this be the game where he is the one who makes the big save and not Brodeaur but I was dissapointed on both occasions (not saying the goals where Lundqvists fault but part of being an elite goaltender is to make the huge saves late, not just the saves you are supposed to make).

I see him as a talented goalie, sure and he can improve but there is nothing about him that makes me think he will be an elite goaltender for years to come, can he be a good goaltender? Absoloutely, and if we didnīt have Montoya I would settle for that, but when I believe we have a goaltender who I think have the potential to be that elite goaltender I want to see him.

I hope Lundqvist proves me wrong as I have nothing against the guy otherwise, he seems like a humble, down to earth guy, hardworking guy who deserves success.

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