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04-14-2014, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Predsboro View Post
I see Poile stepping down in the next year or two and Fenton being elevated to GM (unless another team gets Fenton first.) Not sure how much demand Fenton has around the league though, as he's interviewed before and not been hired. I think Poile's injury this year may have even accelerated his planned retirement in his eyes ... no pun intended.

As far as today's move, I have seriously mixed feelings on the move today at 501 Broadway. I do believe it's time, after 15 years, for a new voice behind the Nashville Predators bench; however, there is no classier, humble man in the league than Barry Trotz.

Selfishly for the city of Nashville, I hope Trotz stays with the organization but he will have several opportunities to continue as a coach in the NHL should that be his desire.

Here's to you Barry Trotz! Thanks for 15 years as bench boss; but most of all, for the incredible charity work you've done ...

I have those same mixed feeling and think it is time as well. What I disagree with is the assumption that this group of forwards will automatically make this team competitive in the central. It is in fact nauseating to think they will be marginally better. And if there not its Coach X's fault or the GM's fault. Of course they have some blame especially DP he is the one responsible for putting together a competitive team. We have no idea yet which direction the team will go. Yet people tout the current failed forwards getting the team back into contention in two years. It just puzzles me.

I have been pretty critical on players in the past but that's nothing to what it could play out to be. Again we have no idea what direction the FO will point this listing ship from a leadership standpoint. And in the next ten weeks leading up to the draft will be interesting to say the least. But if the team goes to camp essentially unchanged the organization will have just pissed away a pretty darn good coach for nothing.

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