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02-08-2004, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Habber
Contraction isn't econimcally impossible, in fact quite the opposite. The loss of admin jobs and player salaries helps the bottom line, the only factor that would be affected negatively, as you say, is the TV contract. But TV revenue in the US is extremely poor anyway and if they haven't hit the jackpot by now, they're never going to.

If the players get their way, contraction will definately occur. They want the market to dictate everything and clearly the market cannot handle 30 teams the way things are right now. If I'm a 4th liner on a poor team, I'd be fighting hard for a cap or else I'll be out of a job in a couple years. The whole players fight, it seems, is geared towards the high end players as they're not willing to take a pay cut to save the marginal players jobs.

You can't seriously beleive that the players want contraction? That is ludicrous as no union would actively pursue an agreement that would resut in a significant loss of jobs.

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