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Any amount of padding is better than getting hit in an area without padding. That is why when I recently bought new shoulder pads I was looking for the absolute best coverage for blocking shots.

After trying on and feeling the fit, thickness, hardness, and overall coverage of the padding on many different shoulder pads, I settled on a clearance model which is extremely protective.

I tried on the Reebok 20K, Easton Mako, Bauer Nexus 1000, Bauer Pro series (discontinued), and the CCM CL model. I liked the Bauer Pro series and the Nexus series, but I felt the overall coverage was lacking in the front and rear.

I settled on the Easton Synergy EQ50 after trying and comparing it to all of the above models; it was slightly better overall and was fairly inexpensive. The Bauer Pro series was a close second, the Nexus 1000 was a close third but the extra cost wasn't worth it in my opinion.

The CCM CL's level of protection didn't inspire much confidence since the padding is so thin. Worse, was that a couple of floor models had already shown lots of wear; I don't think these pads would be durable over time. The fact that there was no belly guard was enough reason to look elsewhere.

The thicker/harder the padding is, the more coverage you have, means less chance being hit in an exposed area, or feel it as much if the padding is superior to another model.

blocking a shot in the chest area is going to hurt no matter what. The question is how much it's going to hurt, which depends on the quality of the padding. Thicker, denser, harder padding is going to absorb more of the impact over cheaper material.

Go the the stores and try on difference models and find the best fit for your body type. It'll be pretty easy to see which model will protect you the most for your build.

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