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04-15-2014, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Can't you say that the Rangers have never (since Hank) beaten a team that they weren't supposed to beat?

Hank has been the reason they won some series that they were supposed to, because the scoring was so poor that he had to work double time to keep the team alive.

I don't get why his playoff pedigree is being questioned, honestly. We've seen the same problem screw this team for multiple postseasons, and it hasn't been goaltending.
Its being questioned because he's the highest paid goalie in the league who has yet to reach a SCF.

People can argue aaasaaaassalllll day about it, but the truth (sad or not) is that 99.9 percent of all great players are measured by postseasons/championships.

Lundqvist has been in the league since 2006. This is his ninth shot at a Stanley Cup. Until he gets there - regardless of the team in front of him - he will have to deal with two different legacies.

Hell. Peyton Manning has won a SB, and he still gets **** on for his postseason record.

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