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02-08-2004, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris2fer
Finally a response worth making.

I was not saying that because I wrote more stuff it was more meaningful. I was just saying that I was writing more meaningful things. I feel for you that you have watched Tootoo play 50 times. I really do. If this is how you really classify a true hockey player, then you can have it. I myself really think he is nothing more than a mere act to get people in the building in Nashville for an organization that has no goal for winning. I even love how last year they were going to give out refunds to fans for not making the playoffs and even rebuked on that. The only time I've seen Tootoo lose his helmet is when its pushed off of him already or someone does it during the fight. Personally, I will love to see the day that Tootoo gets what is coming to him. His stats show that if you do not pay attention to Tootoo, he does nothing. Teams have figured this out. Let him do his cheapshots and cheap antagonistic tricks. Other teams will ignore it.

And then people will forget about the "tutu carnivale act"

Bonne nuit mon ami, may I wish true hockey upon you.
the playoff pledge was "rebuked?"

wrong...and it was a pretty brilliant plan. it basically went like this:

1. increase the prices of season tickets
2. if the team falls short of the playoffs, refund the INCREASE(NOT the entire amount, which seems to be the common misconception)
3. If the team MAKES the playoffs...they make all kinds of money from playoff revenues.
4. If the team does NOT make the playoffs...they STILL make SOME money...because the increase has generated interest in the bank.

Basically...the team borrowed money...collected interest on it...and gave it back. Even then...they didn't TRULY give it back, because there was an option to apply the refund toward the next year's season tickets...which MOST chose to do.

As for Tootoo instigating...that's what he's there for. The same role that guys like Sean Avery, Matt Cooke, Jarkko Ruutu or Matthew Barnaby. Did you know that Tootoo, on his own, had drawn over FORTY penalties? And you call him a "carnival act." That's a valuable contribution to the team. If our power-play wasn't struggling so much this year, his role would become even MORE important.

In it or not...he possesses a booming shot, he's a lightning fast skater, and his only real the fact that his puckhandling isn't all that great...which is certainly something that can improve. If he draws his opponents off their game...causes penalties....while chipping in 15 goals....I'd say that any team in the league would be happy to have that.


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