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Originally Posted by mikitas donut View Post
There are several reasons to use a wood plug. One is to change the balance so that the stick feels more blade-light. Another is to dampen the vibrations and change the puck feel. And another reason is some players like to shave the plug down into a custom shape.

I use one in all my sticks even though I'm only 5'6". I like the way it changes the balance.
That guy nailed it. While all points are personal preferences, those are the usual reasons, aside from just making a stick longer.

Originally Posted by sweetmcghee View Post
I'm 5'8". I use an 85 flex but I cut it short which makes it more like 100 flex, maybe more? If I use an extension, will the stick become more flexible even when it's cut that short? Thanks
If you cut the stick shorter, it's going to feel stiffer. If you put in an extension, it's going to feel whippier. If you cut it short and put a plug back to length, it's going to be pretty close.

The Oggie grips available I have used in the past, they do restore some flex to the stick. And they do seem to make the stick feel a bit whippier and add a bit of a kick point to the top hand. But they never really wanted me to try out the regular grips and kept sending me the Ergo grips, which I never bonded with. Felt way too weird.

When I tried out their grips, I ended up going back to wood plugs, even at 5" long or so, the sticks still felt fine.

My preference though is to get the height of the stick correct right off the bat and not use a plug, or at least to use a 1" plug which is the same width as a tape roll for the knob.

The annoying thing about end plugs is having to shave them down to size when you use intermediates, both for the tenon and for the plug itself. Senior plugs can be thicker than intermediate sticks.

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