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If you're going to be doing a lot of slappers and one timers, a heel or mid-heel curve would probably be best because the sweat spot is easier to hit. If you do a lot of snap shots and wrist shots a mid (which is a utility type curve) or mid-toe curve is what you want. Keep in mind, the closer to the toe the curve is, the harder it is to receive passes but at the same time the more accurate your wrist shots will be. This is also why you very rarely see a pure toe curve any more and most use a mid-toe. Most beginners are recommended to start with a mid curve and then go from there depending on how it treats them.

But as others have said, a lot of it comes down to your technique and what type of shots you use the majority of the time.

The other major factor you need to consider with your blade is the lie (which is the angle between the top part of the blade and the stick shaft). In general, people who like to stick handle more and keep the puck closer to their bodies use a blade with a higher lie (6 or above). However, the best way to figure out your natural lie is to look at the bottom of some of your used sticks and see if the heel part has more wear than the rest of the blade. If that's the case then you need a lower lie (flatter lie) and if the toe part has more wear than the rest of the blade you need a higher lie (more angle). In roller hockey if you have the correct lie for your skating style, the blade should wear relatively evenly along the bottom of the blade.

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