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02-09-2004, 12:21 AM
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Little or no depth in the organization to trade with (that excludes the players he would be completely moronic to trade), the ownership limbo that likely took away his ability to add payroll, and the fact that he wanted to trade because of injuries which is a very weak bargaining position. That's been the case since early January, doesn't exactly bode well for making a good trade.

You can criticize him to hell and back if you want, but in my opinion he didn't have too much choice in the matter. Way too much going against him to pull off a good trade. And I'd much rather see him stick with these players than trade away a valuable piece of the future just for the short term gains.

Either Schultz wanted to write a scathing piece that would grab attention or he is frustrated like the rest of us. Let's face it, our luck and timing has been horrific and some of the team hasn't come through when we really needed it. Not a good combo.

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