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03-03-2007, 03:19 AM
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team building is an important part to building a winning team.

I myself coach a ice hockey team here in the east end of Montreal.
Its a Midget 'Espoir' team (all 15 year olds)
Its a league used only in Quebec.

Basically we are a stepping stone for the Midget AAA league (16 year olds combined with the best 15 year olds).

Anyway, seeing as we are a very elite and competitive league we did some team building activities to start the season.

We also did the questionnaire thing with the players, it worked out fine.
Team brunch was another activity we did.
We played flag football and a game of soccer for some competition.

One activity myself and the other coaches tried to organize but didnt get around to doing was a puzzle. You as a coach make a puzzle, the puzzle can be a picture, or a word that best fits ur team.
Lets say the word is Commitment. After you make ur puzzle, you cut up the amount of pieces you need. In our case, we are 5 coaches and 17 players, so we made 23 pieces for the puzzle.

We gave every member of the team one piece. On the back of that piece each player and coach has to write a few line about what they are going to bring to the team.

After everyone is done, 1 by 1 you all piece the puzzle together and have it framed. On one side you have you word "COMMITMENT" and on the other you have what everyone wrote.

If one guy gets out of line and start to slack, you remind him what he wrote down and what he has to bring to the rink. team isnt to great this year, as a matter of fact, we are atrocious, 4-25-6 but we work hard every game. Were 13th place out of 14 teams in our league and 25th out of 29 in the province.
If anyone wants to see, you can visit our website...

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