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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause View Post
That is

Your contribution to the thread is what is causing these "far lessor" posts to occur. Without you, they don't exist. And keep in mind that they are supporting the "popular" opinion. Unfortunately, one of the charges of holding an opinion unlike the mainstream is that you must go the extra step to support your opinion. It may not seem fair, but it's life.

Without them, you could also argue that this board would be far more dull

My opinion is that Preds gave up too much for him, considering he could tear a groin or get his ankleproblem back in a heartbeat, considering heīs not half the player he used to be, and considering the fact that he probably wont be back next season.

You people on the other hand, take offence personally when I commit to this opinion, and therefore Iīm getting called a "troll" and what not. Thatīs usually something that people dish out when they canīt argue their own cases.

Have I been trolling the forums by having an opinion, not supported by the masses?

How about the mods just make up a new rule, where itīs forbidden to have a negative opinion about any threads started by someone else?

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