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03-03-2007, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by inferno272 View Post
im not being childish nor am i joking. the guys game has dropped of tremendously since last year. hes slow, and that is crucial for a guy who lives on his physicality. if you cant catch guys to hit them, and your whole game is based on hitting people, youre in trouble.

lets be honest here, Kaspar just isnt the same guy.
Word going around is a reinjury to his groin. If so that's bad. Didn't he have the surgery done in europe? I know 1st hand how long that recovery is having had my son have it. He played all season with it and ended up with tears on both sides. Anyone who has that kind of injury needs to have it done by Dr. William Meyers in Philly at Drexel-Hanneman University Hospital. He's the James Andrews of abdominal tears. Hasek was there the day we visited him and Dom elected to have his done in europe. If I remember right he had an off year too the year after the surgery. They tell you that it takes 6-8 weeks to comeback, but maybe it was because my son had double surgery that he took far longer and he's a kid that works his butt off and prides himself in his fitness.

I will say that for a long time he lost a step, quickness more than straight out speed if you can relate to that type of difference. It took him from April when he had the surgery until after their fall season before he regained his quickness. All told it was almost a full year. By the following spring he was back and I actually thought better than before. Meyers I believe insert stainless steel surgical mesh into the tear, which allows the muscle to grow through the screen and reinforces the weaken area. Otherwise if not done in this manner the tear may very well occur again.

A host of NFL, NHL & MLBB players have had the procedure done by Meyers. He's an excellent doctor and I strongly recommend him to anyone that has that kind of injury. Meyers was the national team doctor for the US Men's soccer program when my son's coach played for the US National team and that is how we lucked out into finding him.

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