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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Credit to Kobe Armstrong for reminding us. Last year was funny and all the banter about Erik Karlsson not being the best, most greatest player of all time actually got to the Sens fans and now they hate us!

Banter 2014: This time it's still not personal
Pro-Habs talking points (repeat these until they're true)
  1. The Habs are the ONLY Canadian team in the playoffs. A true patriot would root for Canada.
  2. Team Canada's *STAR* Player, Carey Price, is a Hab. If you supported Team Canada in the Olympics, you'd support the Habs.
  3. One of the most underrated coaches in the league, Michel Therrien, preaches respect to all his players and gets them to play an attractive, no-frills kinda game.
  4. Great young players like Subban, Gallagher, Eller, Bournival, Beaulieu, Tinordi and Galchenyuk are relied upon for important duties at all times.
  5. Wily vets like Briere, Bourque, Bouillon and Murray bring stability to the lineup with their consistent play.
  6. Deadline acquisitions Weaver and Vanek go to show that we're truly Stanley Cup contenders
  7. Physical players like Parros, Moen, White, Emelin, Murray keep the other team on their toes and honest.
  8. Stars like Desharnais, Pacioretty, Vanek and 40goal man, Brian Gionta, can pretty much score at will. If you want high-octane hockey, you'd support the Habs

Anti-Bolts talking points (these are actually true)
  1. Steven Stamkos couldn't even make it to Team Canada, goes to show how overrated he is.
  2. Their star player and captain, Martin St-Louis, begged to be traded midway through the season. Tampa's a sinking ship.
  3. Does it even snow in Tampa Bay? Do they even have electricity in Tampa Bay? What's a Tampa, even?
  4. Overrated goalies - Ben who? Andres whom? Neither are half as experienced as our backup Peter Budaj.
  5. What kind of name is Teddy Purcell anyway??
  6. Sami Salo's going to have another hilariously inopportune injury.
  7. Ryan Malone. He just likes to swerve while he drives and carries cocaine on his person because he likes to prank the local police!
  8. John Cooper's overrated, he's only good compared to Barry Melrose. Also, he looks like a Llama apparently.

If you're ever caught in a debate, just fall back on the previous points and refuse to concede any points. Always remember the following:
  1. Every hit by the Lightning is dirty and had intent to injure
  2. Every hit by the Habs was clean and old school hockey
  3. The refs are CLEARLY biased against the Habs
  4. Bettman wants Tampa to win
  5. The Habs are obviously playing injured
  6. Stamkos' recovery was dubious, and cause for concern. The league turns a blind eye on steroid abuse.
  7. Every win by the Habs was a dominant win and it wasn't even close
  8. Every win by Tampa (yuck!) was by the skin of their teeth and the Habs woulda won if some of those bounces went our way
  9. HFBoards is against the Habs.
  10. We're the underdogs. We're always the underdogs.

The playoffs may only last a couple of weeks, we have to make the most of it. Happy posting!
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