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04-16-2014, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by sba View Post
I don't think Nolan is a very good coach, true. I don't like his blue collar horsecrap, true.

I'm not really hiding behind that. There's plenty of evidence to why he's a bad coach...He's a former Jack Adams winner who couldn't keep consistent NHL jobs. That's a big red flag on him. Maybe I sensationalize some of the faults he has...but firing a guy like Corsi, who's coached the hell out of the goalies we've had come through here so he can (probably) bring in Arturs Irbe - one of his Latvian buddies - reeks of classic Nolan to me.

There's something to be said about him though, players seem to love him. Even his former guys are enamored with him to this day.

It's fine, he's not going to hurt anything for this team. He's going to help a lot, he's going to guide us to a great chance at McDavid/Eichel and instill work ethic into the younger guys.

It's a win/win. But I guarantee when they turn the corner, Murray is done with him.
I don't think Nolan's a great coach either but I don't get grinding him down while pumping Corsi up. Buffalo had two exceptional goaltending talents, one of whom was already the best goalie in the world before Corsi came here and the other developed into an above-average starter. What happened to every other goalie who played here while Corsi coached? Not a single one of them was any good. Is that on Corsi? Who knows. He's probably at worst a decent goaltending coach, perhaps a good one, but the track record in Buffalo doesn't prove he's a good one.

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