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02-09-2004, 08:16 AM
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Fernandez, like a lot of other goalies, can be somewhat streaky and prone to giving up an ill-timed softie when he's off his game, but when he's hot, he's unbelievable. His name has been popping up in trade rumors for a while now, but I don't see the Wild moving him as long as they're in the playoff hunt. If they fall out of it over the next few weeks, yeah, I think they'll move him.

It's hard to say what it would take to get him, it depends on how many other interested teams there are.

I'd say he's a slight upgrade over Dunham in that he's younger, more durable, and better in big game situations, he's often been there to steal games when the Wild have needed him to. However, unless there's going to be hockey this fall, I don't see how this move makes any damn sense at all. Hasek in his prime couldn't carry this team to a playoff spot at this point, never mind Manny Fernandez.

It seems to be that Dunham has been unfairly singled out by Sather as the source of the team's problems. No he hasn't been playing as well as he did at this point last year, and he hasn't been making some saves that he could, and should, be making. But I wouldn't say he's the reason we've been losing, either. It's not like the team in front of him has been playing well enough to win, and he's let them down.

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