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04-16-2014, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by kyletheplug View Post
Most pro stock sticks are made in Mexico not China. The cheap retail composites are made in China and Vietnam. I haven't used the new Ukraine made 5030s but they can't be that bad. Or maybe they can. Quality control might suffer.
You are misinformed on both counts, especially your latter point.

Bauer makes ALL of their sticks in China, from their OEM in Bonny Sports. All, meaning every pro stock stick and all retail sticks. Until very recently, all Reebok/CCM pro stock sticks were OEM'd by True Temper (HQ in the US) and their plant in China.

The only higher end sticks that are being made in Mexico would include Warrior & Easton, and even with Easton, their high end sticks have been made in both countries.

Interestingly enough your point on quality control is something you should take away from this because, as I have just shown you, it matters not WHERE it's made, as you previously thought, but HOW.

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