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02-09-2004, 07:35 AM
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Just think what contraction could do though??

take out say just five teams from the past few seasons and redo the drafts.

Regular season games, how many more times would the B's and Habs play?

U want to add some offense and excitement back into the game?? See the first line, i mean really, it may only be 5 draft spots gone to the next round, but i bet it would have a nice effect overall on a teams talent.

Not to pick on Montreal at all, but look at what you guys have for prospects and how long it took to draft themm all? (same with Ott from 6-8 years ago) how long does a team have to lose or miss the playoffs to build from the draft?

Low TV veiwing in the US, yes but why? Is it because we dont like hockey as much (i.e. popularity, yes i know, its behind basketball, football, baseball and stuff) but theres another good reason to make it more exciting for the average fan.

There are enough minor league teams out there, hell, i live near Boston, i can go to Prov, Lowell, Nashua. and at least one other spot to watch minor league hockey, all within and hour of my house.

But i have never heard of a minor league football or basketball team, and only one minor league baseball team that i am aware of anywhere near me.

Hockey could be so much more popular if the NHL got back to that elite league status in my personal opinion.

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