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03-04-2007, 02:26 AM
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It woul dnot be the 1st time that the balcony gods booed a player out of town. Allan Stanley was one such player. They booed him so much he was shipped to toronto and played on 4 cup teams in the 60's and if that wasn't bad enough he ended up in the HOF. Now do the balcony gods know a hockey player when they see one?

Malik gets booed because he is not a big bruising dman. Fans look at the size and think he should be a banger. He's not. Never has been and never will be. When he is playing well he is good positional dman. Makes smart outlet passes and does well under pressure in his own end. Doesn't panick with the puck.

He's played well of late, yet some fans and many posters on here refuse to acknowledge the improved play. They get their panties all in a wad over him. He's a fill in until the kids like Staal and Sauer and Baranka are deemed ready for the prime time. Evryone likes to point how easy it is to get a plus playing with Jagr's line. But these same asute fans mistakenly look at Jagr's line as Selke canidates. Starka is the only one that plays reasonablly well in his own end. Jagr has never disliked a blueline that he could stand on. So essentially Malik is constanly playing a man down in his own end when ever he is on with Jagr. So in my mine they kind of balance out.

I criticize when I think it is deserved. I give credit where and when credit is do. Malik has improved his game since the early part of the year. It is not a coincidence that we have a better record when he's in the lineup vs when he is out. He is far from my idea type of dman. I recognize what he brings to the team. Did we pay more contract wise? Yes. But that is the world of UFA.

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