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Originally Posted by NYR_Geoff1 View Post
Jessiman looks like a monster out there... how come he can't take advantage of his size?!
The thing is, as a D if you go up against someone 6'6 in the corners, you go after the puck instead of taking the body. Jessiman is pretty easily stripped of the puck down low, and that must be a strength. Right now if Jessiman had the exact same skill set but were 6'0 he would contribute about the same. He is pretty talented.

Its not always easy to use your size, though Jagr is among the best in the world at dooing it. He got a real hockey a$s, puts it out like a feeler, and fend guys off.

I don't think its a flaw thats easily fixed by Jessiman. He just must work at it.

Originally Posted by bleedblue94 View Post
anyone think maybe korps has a future at center? ... may help some problems we have there.
I personally think he got much more potential on the wing. A centers strength should always be his hockeysense. Korpis hockey sense is very good, but its not great. It aren't noticed all that much in the AHL, but if Korpi went up against a trapping team in the NHL as a center it would be more obvious.

The AHL aren't a great league, Philly aren't a great team, but man does Korpikoski look good at times. He got a little Zetterberg in him, he got a little Simon Gagne in him, gotta love his combination of speed, balance, workethic and stickhandling.

I would love to see these lines in NY next season, I would love it soo much;

Originally Posted by Il Ragazzone View Post
What's becoming apparent, is this team has many different weapons that could come alive and take the team to victory on any given night. Some nights its the Pack led by Korpikoski, some like tonight Dubinsky, most by Callahan, Montoya steals the show every here and there while providing stable goaltending every game.

I'm liking what I'm seeing in the system. And I truly think the guys down there like each other and will go through walls for each other. That is one thing we definately need to see come with them, even if they do ascend separately.
I love how tough HFD is. They got two fighters in Purinton and Lessard, who both got 400+PIM seasons in the AHL. But they also got Liffiton, Byers and Taylor who are good 2nd tier fighteers, and almost a handful more of guys who can defend themselfs. Nobody are taking libertys with this team thats for sure. Guys like Dubinsky can get away with ugly and really dirty elbows without anyone looking twice at him.

Though, as much as I love how HFD is playing, a standing question is what da heck so many other teams in the AHL is thinking? You just can't play the same style as you did before the rulechanges. Its basically a free invitation to dominate the game against them.

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