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03-04-2007, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Moester View Post
What I just don't understand is why people aren't looking past the end of their noses. Maybe Gainey did not want to mortgage the future because there's the LARGEST free agent class in HISTORY coming up. Because not all players will be re-signed and if Gainey has picks and a solid core of players he might be able to afford making a big splash.

For example, Gainey got rid of Rivet, which is one less D-man on the payroll, with Niiniima out, and possibly some rookies from the farm in to replace them or an average and cheap free agent signing to fill in the blanks; we'll be able to sign Markov and Souray and add an impact player. Think of it, there are some FANTASTIC players coming up. Just look at a team like Calgary where unless they trade away several medium size salaries, they won't be able to re-sign both Kripusoft and Iginla...could very well lose one to free agency.

There will be several deals to be had before and after July 1st. And Montreal will be in a very good position armed with some cap space and two first round picks going into it.

I think that Montreal can make the playoffs this year if everyone works together. But I don't think that they'll make it past the first round, and to be honest, no trade deadline deal will have changed that. I'm not going to start panicking until free agent season is over and done with...if BG has not made some strong, smart deals over the summer; then I might start to wonder. But until then, I'll just keep hoping for the best and will wait to see the big picture unfold.
Say that to the people that buys the freakin tickets. "Waiting for the summer" should never be an option. It's disrespectful to the people that buy your feakin salary. I lived through the Nordiques descent into Hell and it was genuine s&m as a fan to watch them. 5 years of grueling misery. Then i've seen the Habs go down a similar path when Houle took over. Sorry but fans like me are more tired seeing managements not respecting their fans more. Let's have the fans suffer more, just a little bit amidst bad plays, humiliaiting defeats and awful Bell Center Athmospheres again for the remaining of the season. "They can take it".

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