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02-09-2004, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by 33teddy33
Well. If you were of age at that time you would know that the "Soviets" were villians to us as Americans back then. We were still in the heat of the cold war, and the Soviets were backing Iran in their terrorism ( hostages...).
I thought the movie was terrific. A great display of what it took to overcome all comers at the time when our country needed a boost like no other.

I forgot all about that. The Soviets were the enemy at that time, and THE best hockey team in the world. It's tough seeing them that way from a 21st century perspective. It's Tom Clancy novel, particularly The Hunt for Red October, and really see how far we've come in terms of our relationship with Russia. Of course, Clancy is fiction, but it's the truth inside the lie you have to look for.

Excellent point 33teddy33!

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