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04-18-2014, 12:56 PM
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Now I question how PPM is doing financially. If they are pushing things to sell it cant be good.

Problem is: who is going to spend 10 credits just to click on a order button? I wouldn't considering it would cost almost as much as the entire season of pro Id i chose to do so every draft.

If it actually start benefiting pro managers on draft, the only way to be competitive would be buying the package. For 4 sports. considering they give 10% for each additional team its added for one team, for 4 teams it would cost 350 credits.

350 credits cost 36 euros. that is, around 50 US$ !!!!!!! that is an insane amount of money per 3 months.

If being pro managers is necessary to get great players and thus be competitive, i see people quitting or dropping most of their teams.

While it is still not necessary to pay to have the same chances of pro users, who in hell will want to spend EVERY weekend of their lifes for drafts considering they play 4 teams??? they will end up quitting.

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