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04-18-2014, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Acesolid View Post
Sorry, but I really dont see Québec being ignored once expansion is given the go ahead.

I mean... our building has almost finished being built. While we are still speaking of theoretical arenas in Las Vegas and Seattle (and of a very, very hypothetical one in Seattle).

I truly believe that once expansion will be given the go ahead (and that could be in a few years), Québec will be part of the ''first batch''.
At this rate it'll be quebec and Vegas unless NBA decides to play nice with seattle and give them an expansion team.

My huge concern is if Hansen's arena doesn't happen and he walks away any future arena proposal will most likely to have to be 100% private and most likely to be built on the possibility of it being empty. There is a reason why that has yet happened here cause so far no one is willing to come forward to pay for the entire thing or is willing to built it to be empty hence the NBA team requirement for Hansen's arena proposal

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